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I just installed TextWrangler (the free version of BBEdit), and am SO GLAD to kiss Aquamacs goodbye.

TextWrangler is so great, it even has a built-in diff comparison and merge tool. The REALLY cool thing is that you can use it as an external diff program with Git!

Here’s how (thanks to Jotlab’s post on How to use FileMerge with Git as a Diff Tool on OSX for giving me the idea):


/usr/bin/twdiff --wait "$2" "$5"

Then, just tell Git to use your script as the external diff editor:

git config --global diff.external ~/

Copy Original To… (de-alias).plist
Download this file

I just wrote my first OnMyCommand droplet: “Copy Original To… (de-alias)”. Ever annoyed by the half-working aliases that the OS X Finder makes? Now you can just right-click any alias and copy the original file it points to to any folder! It’s nice because cp -R doesn’t follow aliases like it does symlinks.

You can download OnMyCommand here. It’s an amazing Finder plugin that lets you write your own scripts to run via contextual menu when clicking on files, etc. Finally someone tried to improve that poor excuse for a file manager. I’ve seen DOS apps that were better.