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I have been trying to get an Android phone to work with LSD, the VJ application I wrote for HTML5 (see my earlier LSD post), so I can hook it up to my pocket projector and have a handheld VJ device for street and guerrilla performances!

However, despite the Android 2 feature list boasting it supports HTML5 video, it has a lot of holes in the implementation. I found this great post from Peter Gasston on making your video work on Android phones, which is a big help. I’ve implemented his recommended workarounds, like removing the “type” attribute on the source tag and manually playing the video with Javascript. If it works, this link should play a test video that is known to work on Android. Then we will see if it actually loads into the canvas, or if Android only supports playing one video at a time, fullscreen in the media player. I guess iPhone is ahead in this regard, but I still have yet to see it play all videos at once.

iPhone: 1 / Android: 8,543,341,231,324,212,378

I just spent a weekend coding a little proof-of-concept VJ application to test the live video mixing capabilities of HTML5, called LSD (Layer Synthesis Device). You can use LSD to VJ video clips on the web! Choose video clips and images and blend them together using the mixer controls or the interactive mouse mode. Create your customized hallucination directly in your browser and share with your friends!


I wrote LSD to try out the new video and 2D rendering capabilities of HTML5 and the Canvas element (and also to prove to myself that HTML5+jQuery is SOO much easier to work in than a language like Max/MSP or Processing). It worked surprisingly well. Use it on a fast browser like Safari or Chrome and you will see UI responsiveness and smoothness comparable to professional VJ software (eh, at low resolutions). Of course, the browsers still have a long way to get up to the speed of a native application, but it is a promising start. (You can even VJ on your phone! Come on, this must be the future already!)

Try LSD Now!

Supported on Firefox 3.5+, Safari 4+, Chrome, iPhone, Android (no IE, what a surprise…)

All the VJ clips and images are from my personal collection, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The code is licensed as open source under the GPL, so feel free to play with the code and share it!

I just made this rather Carebear-colored painting straight in my browser, no Flash required, with an HTML5 app called Harmony! It was nice and fast too in Firefox. Mr. Doob does it again, with his pure HTML5 + Javascript genius!

Seeing this makes me want to bring back my master’s thesis, Doodler. It was a social network based on drawing games, kind of a mash-up between Harmony and Facebook. I originally programmed it all in Flash, but it never really progressed past the beta (mainly for my pure hatred of Flash, secondly because I graduated and it was TIME FOR SUMMER! WOOO!). An HTML5 implementation though…. hmmmm…