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Layer Synthesis Device, my online collaborative VJ app, now supports mixing live video streams from a webcam with the other video clips. You can even stream video from your phone’s camera to the large projection screen at a concert. This introduces an unprecedented new way of engaging the audience in the live show – by giving them the ability to broadcast their unique experience in the crowd and manipulate the visuals collaboratively with other audience members in real-time.

For now, the webcam streaming is available on the Chrome browser, both for desktop and Android devices. Here’s how you activate webcam support on your Android phone:

  1. Download the “Chrome Beta” app.
  2. Open it and type in to the address bar: “chrome://flags”
  3. Click “Enable” for both WebRTC support and WebGL support.
  4. Go to the LSD website and click the “Start Live Cam Feed” button.
  5. Click “Allow” when prompted – your live feed is now available in the clips window. (It’s at the end, so you have to click the arrow button until you get to the last page.)
  6. Click the video webcam clip and start mixing your camera’s feed with the other videos!

I’ll be demoing this at GAFFTA’s Creative Code Meetup w/ Leap Motion, Social Print Studio and More on Tuesday. Come by to participate, as well as see other amazing demos! (P.S. LSD is also compatible with the Leap Motion! Hook it up and try manipulating video effects by waving your hands!)

P.P.S: Sorry, iPhone users! Apple does not seem interested in making WebRTC or WebGL technologies available to their customers (even though their phones support it – only advertisers are allowed to use them though!) Call Apple and make your complaint! You can still use LSD in a limited fashion though: without video effects or webcam streaming you can still choose video clips and mix them collaboratively.

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