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Just saw Ink last night. Seems like one of those movies where you either love it or hate it; for me it is my new favorite movie! You will never see a movie like this come out of Hollywood – it throws their rules away and builds its own unique visual language, a majestic poem amongst the regurgitated prose of cookie-cutter movies today . It thrusts you into its tale in a beautifully multi-layered, metaphorical way, and the photography and low-budget special effects are dazzing (even if he went a little overboard on the post-processing filters – Winans thinks like a VJ, using colors and filters to alter the mood of the scene or signify a change in worlds – and it works really well!)

It is the first movie I’ve seen where the fabula and the sujet actually follow the same linear progression (mostly), even though it doesn’t seem that way for most of the movie. Winans fools you into thinking it is a Nolan-esque sujet with the ending at the beginning, but then the ending totally twists it around into a Zen-like cyclical plot which leads to the most powerfully moving character development I’ve ever seen.

The acting is slightly flimsy at the beginning but strengthens quickly. Keep watching! It will all make sense. The characters, the costumes, the cute low-budget props and the fantastic ethereal world Winans creates has all the markings of a cult classic. This is the first movie I’ve actually wanted to physically own for a long time.

Watch Ink on Netflix!

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