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I have been trying to get an Android phone to work with LSD, the VJ application I wrote for HTML5 (see my earlier LSD post), so I can hook it up to my pocket projector and have a handheld VJ device for street and guerrilla performances!

However, despite the Android 2 feature list boasting it supports HTML5 video, it has a lot of holes in the implementation. I found this great post from Peter Gasston on making your video work on Android phones, which is a big help. I’ve implemented his recommended workarounds, like removing the “type” attribute on the source tag and manually playing the video with Javascript. If it works, this link should play a test video that is known to work on Android. Then we will see if it actually loads into the canvas, or if Android only supports playing one video at a time, fullscreen in the media player. I guess iPhone is ahead in this regard, but I still have yet to see it play all videos at once.

iPhone: 1 / Android: 8,543,341,231,324,212,378

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  1. hey have you made progress with this i am itcing to do some Vj’ing on my LG Optimus 2X

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