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Monthly Archives: June 2012

So, as you may know, Algoriddim’s vjay iPad app just came out today. I bought it because it has a video scrubbing feature, which TouchViz (from the creator of TouchOSC) lacks. vjay’s scrubbing and cueing features are way cool: super smooth and great for rhythmic improvisation. However, TouchViz wins in pretty much every other respect:

First of all, the videos don’t loop! They just go to black after they end. Major blooper there when your screen just goes blank during a show.

Secondly, TouchViz has way more effects and blending options. Vjay has like three (I’m not including strobe because no self-respecting VJ should ever use that effect.) Also, there’s no way to control the swirl or fisheye amounts, which would be way more useful than controlling how fast they bounce around like a DVD screensaver. They should be stationary.

Thirdly is price: TouchViz is only $10. vjay is too, but that’s their 50% off sale price.

Basically, I see a lot of potential with vjay, but it’s not quite ready for live performance as a VJ. Maybe it’s meant for a different audience, like video DJs, since it has the audio features as well, but I think they could just do a little work to cater to both. I hope vjay gets some of these issues fixed; then I might be able to use it at an actual show!

TouchViz demo video:

vjay demo video: